Linux user in exile

I've been a Linux user for years. My first install was in my teens, and I never looked back. I made a pretty fun carreer as a Linux specialist. Great software, awesome stability, awesome people, awesome all the shit ^^ It was magic happening at every step and I haven't looked back since.

Peope grow though, and at some point, I shifted towards entrepreneurial endeavors and project management. That includes new and exciting projects that took me beyond my specialty & into new vistas.

I am a huge fan of dogfooding however, and the time has come to swallow the horrible pill; time to switch back to Microsoft. That platform I blisfully left behind for more than 10 years. My favorite microsoft product still remains good old DOS, they never made anything worth mentioning afterwards :)

So I'm making The Switch tomorrow; and I'll have a lot of frustration. Back to the weird antialiasing, back to installers and no more central software repository (is still a thing???), back to complex settings crap, back to registry horror, back to one desktop, back to ........ I don't expect it to be pretty.

So here we go. And like many before me, I gladly invite you along for the horrible ride in a series of profanity laden blogposts. Starting tomorrow I'll be the Linux user in exile, I'm switching to Microsoft Windows.