I've been told to try Medium time & again. The reach is aparently immense.

The great promise of the web though is that we'll all be our own channel. Full controll, no companies or government dependencies. HEAR ME ROAR.

The reality is slightly more grim though; as in real life, we can all drag out a soapbox to stand on, but we'll also have to yell a lot to gather a crowd. And gathering a crowd takes a lot of work.

And that's where ALL the other, by now classic, internet channels come flooding in. Where that dream of independence clashes with the futility of writing without being read.
And the peer pressure to be on the next new medium1.

So thanks to the promise of magic from IFTTT, I am now pushing to Medium too.

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  1. See what I did there? 2

  2. Yes, I sometimes pat myself on the back.3

  3. Recersive footnotes are fun. 1